• Hardware engineering PVC Supply FAW Car Changchun/VR China
    Fa. Eisenmann
  • Hardware engineering PVC Supply EVO Bus Mannheim/Deutschland
    Fa. Eisenmann
  • Hardware engineering, Coordination, Documentation and revision of the wiring diagram for application, process and conveyor systems GM Opel Zaragoza/Spanien
    Fa. Eisenmann
  • Hardware engineering Laser Head GM USA
    Fa. Borries Markiersysteme
  • Hardware engineering Prototype system  DC Elpo Rectifier  GM/Vauxhall England
    Fa. Siemens IS&S
  • Revision wiring diagram VBH/KTL
    FIAT Tofas/Türkei
  • Hardware engineering of Retentionsbodenfiltern and Regenwasser/Staukanalanlagen for
    Wasserverband Eifel Ruhr
  • Hardware engineering leakage, mounting, tool testsystem
    Fa. Pflüger Präzision
  • Hardware engineering Body Shop Front Panel Floor GM/Vauxhall England
    Fa. PLT GmbH
  • Revision wiring diagram GM Shanghai Eplan P8 GM
    Fa. Kuka
  • Hardware engineering and mounting conveyor system MEA – Linie GM/Opel Bochum
    Fa. Cegelec
  • Hardware engineering and Standardisation. Generate engineering regulations for a prototype system for an EUV Lasers
    Fa. Xtreme
  • Hardware engineering and generate engineering regulations for company own engineering
    Fa. GEVA automation
  • EPLAN system analysis of the company structure and working methods and automate the working steps
    Fa. Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Standardization, development and implementation of a partial circuits (macros) system and regulations for the EPLAN Engineering Center
    Fa. Balfour Beatty Rail
  • technical Hotline EPLAN P8
    EPLAN Software & Service Stammhaus Monheim

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Eplan CE

Eplan Certified Engineer


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mp³ System Engineering
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