My expertise, is based on many years of experience in development and support of EPLAN Software &Services.

mp³ system engineering provides comprehensive support, during the implementation  and realization of your CAE projects, as well as delivers the possibility to create modular solutions that proactively adapt to your future needs.  

Whether you need; a completed solution on site,  just project-support, or an all-round support, with mp3 Electric all these possibilities are conceivable.

Business Activities

What  is my range of services? And what can you order?

  • standardization with EPLAN Engineering Center
  • Hardware engineering of electrical systems with full documentation in EPLAN electric P8
  • Embed / connecting fluid, pneumatic, hydraulic layouts / components in your electrical diagram with EPLAN Fluid Addon
  • Creation of Parts master data, macros, Plottframes and forms
  • Taking / Transfer of paper documentation from legacy systems and equipment in EPLAN electric P8
  • Transfer of documents, projects and master data from EPLAN EPLAN 5.7 and EPLAN 21
  • Support for the creation of proprietary standards
  • Revision of circuit diagrams, on-site

Focal Point Documentation

Economic acting implicates the necessity of documentation targeting:

  • to optimize maintenance,
  • to minimize storage and procurement,
  • to limit future maintenance,

All this is easily possible, with a clean and precise, as well as always up dated documentation.

The alignments of your  plans and requirements, with a view to your future needs, is a forward-looking and worthwhile investment.

Therefore, to integrate during your next modernization, reconstruction or maintenance, a future-oriented documentation, as an integral part is worthwhile..

A continuously updated system documentation shall ensure a smooth and efficient production process.
This documentation significantly reduces down-time, personnel, and material costs.

You will quickly recognize the benefit of your investment during your next budged calculation. 

mp³ system engineering, provides extensive experience in the installation, construction and especially in the documentation, providing a perfect solution for your project support on-site.

To recognize and to understand challenges, to find individual solutions for them, as well as to communicate  them  effectively within your companies structure, is my core competence and your benefit of working with me.

Focal Point Standardirsation

Due to continuous improvements that are clearly understandable and enforceable, transparency will be created.

Is the present situation of your procedures and methods inconsistent, and vary from person to person?

  • Are your processes linked to people  without your insight into there doings?
  • Are you constantly in the need of more time then planed, to fulfill your project deadlines?
  • Is the wheel constantly newly re-invented?
  • Are constructions are designed the way they are, because they always have been designed  that way?

Through the creation of standardization, you have the possibility, to exchange and aligned information between all parties involved, as well as to establish general procedures that can be applied uniformly to the whole.

Define with me effective modular procedures and thus create a defined system which, will be still effective even if you have to invest into modernization in the near future.
By doing so, you will not only safe investment costs, but also cost intensive training time for your employees.
I support and advice you gladly.
Together, we can customize your requirements, and develop new standards and modules,   and eliminate non-value addeding actives within your processes.

Eplan CE

Eplan Certified Engineer


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mp³ System Engineering
Matthias Probst
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